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How do You Get a Fireplace into Any Room of Your Home, Office, Apartment or Condo… Without Ripping Holes in Walls, and For a Fraction of the Price?

The Hassle of Installing a Traditional Fireplace
Used to be that, to add a fireplace to your home, you had to put a fireplace in any room.cover the carpet and furniture, rip a huge hole in the wall, have a professional install the chimney, have another professional put the façade up, have yet another contractor re-do the drywall, get it painted, clean up the debris – and put your living room (and life) back together! Worse than that, if you want a fireplace in your master bedroom – plan to sleep on the couch for a few weeks…

Freestanding Fireplaces Fit in Small Spaces, Large Spaces, and…They Move With You!
What can you do if you desire the beauty and value that a fireplace adds to your home or condo…without the huge headache? Get a portable one! There are now freestanding ventless fireplaces available that actually look like “traditional” fireplaces.

These items are really like pieces of furniture. You can move them from room to room as you like. You can choose to sell them with your home, or not. You can move them with you when you move out of your apartment or condo. There are several different types of portable fireplace, namely gel fuel or electric.

Gel Fuel Fireplaces – Real Fire in a Portable Piece of Furniture
Gel-fueled fireplaces are freestanding, portable units that burn a gel fuel, so, you have a real fire! There are many attractive units on the market today. From contemporary to traditional, you can find the look you like, have a real fire in any room you like, and, take your fireplace with you when you move! (Or sell your house or condo “with a fireplace”).

Fireplaces that run on gel fuel naturally require that you will have to continue to buy the gel fuel to burn fires in it. It can be beneficial to buy the fuel in bulk – you will often get a discount in price if you do. See photos of, learn more about the fuel and get pricing for gel fireplaces here.

Electric Fireplaces – The Look and Feel of a Real Fire Anywhere in Your Home
Vent-free electric fireplaces run on electricity. The fireplace/mantel portion itself does not typically use electricity, it is the logs or “inserts” that do. The log sets are what make the heat (if they have a heater), glow to achieve the look of a fire, and, in some cases, make a “crackling” sound to imitate the sound of a real fire. Some of these units are even available in genuine cast marble (visit this resource to see and learn more about cast marble electric fireplaces), or rich wood mantels with marble inlays and hearths (visit this resource to see and learn more about wood mantel electric fireplaces).

You can also find all-wood units for a classic, rich look. Many of these fireplaces are more attractive than those you traditionally see built-in to homes.

In today’s marketplace, there are many ways to enhance your home, that don’t cost an arm and a leg, and don’t require any holes in the walls. Portable fireplaces are just one of those ways.

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